Children aged 0 to 3, accompanied by an adult

The music courses are based on Music Learning Theory by Edwin E. Gordon. They have been designed to enrich the expressive, cognitive and psychomotor skills of children using music. The courses develop listening skills, body coordination, vocal development and the skills needed to interact in a group. Music offers infinite possibilities to complement the DEVELOPMENT OF CHILDREN, bringing into play their innate potential for creating personal relationships. They create these first with their parents, then with their teacher and finally with their classmates whilst in a playful and fun environment. The first three years of life offer an extraordinary window into learning opportunities and unrepeatable stages of cognitive development and musical aptitude in a child. In this age range, it is possible to start a journey of musical learning built according to an informal method based on Music Learning Theory by E.E. Gordon.

Victor and meThis does not pretend to teach music, but instead guides participants to ‘live’ music through their body, movement and voice. The teacher offers a weekly group meeting lasting around 30-45 minutes, in which they explore melodic songs and rhythms, which follow the principle of variety, brevity and repetition. During the lesson, the children are left free to move around and are acknowledged when they make their own spontaneous musical responses. There is an overall atmosphere of freedom, relaxation and lots of fun. The accompanying adult (present at all the lessons) will have the opportunity to learn musical activities and over time can build an important repertoire of play to relive at home with the child.


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Children aged 3 to 4 / 4 to 5

Children meet in a group in which the teacher guides them to discover music in a course made up of play, listening, building relationships and having fun. Great attention is given to the discovery of the way in which they can play together with music; showing respect for the others, respect for the group and all those conditions which permit a pleasing listening experience. The creative ideas of every child are accepted and acknowledged by the teacher who transforms them into other songs, accompaniments, ideas for play and activities involving movement.

IMG_0125There is a spontaneous, then guided, discovery of the possibility to imitate what the teacher sings. This becomes for the child the trampoline from which to launch themselves towards the conquest of intonation and of a sense of rhythm. Through listening, imitation, understanding differences and movement of the body, the child is guided in a journey of acquisition, independence and competence in these musical foundations. Within the teaching programme, there are other suggested elements and useful activities for: learning music theory, development of coordination of the motor functions, development of concentration and attention, showing respect and the ability to listen. The teacher offers a weekly group lesson, which lasts around 45 minutes. This course follows the previous one for 0-3 years old and is also appropriate for older children who are starting their path towards learning an instrument.