The music courses are based on Music Learning Theory by Edwin E. Gordon. They have been designed to enrich the expressive, cognitive and psychomotor skills of children using music. The courses develop listening skills, body coordination, vocal development and the skills needed to interact in a group. Music offers infinite possibilities to complement the DEVELOPMENT OF CHILDREN, bringing into play their innate potential for creating personal relationships. They create these first with their parents, then with their teacher and finally with their classmates whilst in a playful and fun environment. The first three years of life offer an extraordinary window into learning opportunities and unrepeatable stages of cognitive development and musical aptitude in a child. In this age range, it is possible to start a journey of musical learning built according to an informal method based on Music Learning Theory by E.E. Gordon.

Victor and me

In the session, participants are guided to experience music through their body, movement and voice. The teacher offers a weekly group meeting lasting around 30-45 minutes, in which they explore melodic songs and rhythms, which follow the principle of variety, brevity and repetition. During the lesson, the children are left free to move around and are acknowledged when they make their own spontaneous musical responses. There is an overall atmosphere of freedom, relaxation and lots of fun. The accompanying adult (present at all the lessons) will have the opportunity to learn musical activities and over time can build an important repertoire of play to relive at home with the child.

“I absolutely recommend Tiziana as a music teacher. She is very competent and passionate: kids simply love her. Both my children attended her lessons according to Gordon Theory since they were about 15 months old. They absorbed music in a funny way and in a cosy place. Not to mention that being a working mum, the time spent singing and dancing with my children during Tiziana’s lessons was precious. My son is now 7 years old and plays proficiently violin, while my daughter, 5 years old, expresses her great musicality in ballet class. They both genuinely enjoy music and everything related thereto. Thumbs up Tiziana!”

— Chiara, Cecilia and Filippo’s mum


Sessions held at Highbury Park Music. Introduction, 35-40 minutes of music, conclusion Maximum 7 children for session.


Term starts the week of 7th of January and ends on the 4th of April 2018.



Children 18-36 months 10:00am – 11:00am

Children 0-18 months 2.30pm – 3.30pm

18th– 24th February 2018 – Half Term


  • Paid trial £8.00 (it’s possible to attend two trial sessions for £16 before booking for a block of sessions)
  • Block of sessions (from 5 to 8 sessions in a row)  £50,00 – £80,00
  • Whole term 12 sessions £115 (£9,58 per session)
  • Drop in session £13.00 (booked in advance)

Where Highbury Park Music – 23, Highbury Park, London – N5 1TH 

General info 07426 084488 –

Terms & Conditions:


All payments are made directly to Tiziana Pozzo and must be made in advance. Send an email to for bank details.


  • There is no reschedule in case of absence for drop-in sessions or block of 5,6 or 7 sessions. 
  • If you book for a block of 8 sessions or for the full term and you can’t attend a class you can reschedule 1 class for free in the following block of sessions. Any classes cancelled after this will still be counted as part of your block booking.

Health & Safety:

There must be at least one parent/ carer on the premises throughout all sessions. Please make HPM aware of any medical conditions or special needs that pupils may have

Term Starts Thu 10th Jan

Thursdays 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Thursday 10th Jan 2019

Thursday 17th Jan 2019

Thursday 24th Jan 2019

Thursday 31st Jan 2019

Thursday 7th Feb 2019

Thursday 14th Feb 2019

Half Term

Thursday 28th Feb 2019

Thursday 7th Mar 2019

Thursday 14th Mar 2019

Thursday 21st Mar 2019

Thursday 28th Mar 2019

Thursday 4th Apr 2019