Early Years

Above all else during these early years, music is about fun, connection and expression. The key to any long term involvement in music is for a child to fall in love with an instrument on their own terms. These classes use games for rhythmic and melodic exercises with the aim of keeping the child engaged and curious.

Children and Teenagers

At this age, we start to develop some of the more basic skills we have learnt in our early years and delve deeper into the instrument continuing to develop the understanding for rhythm, melody, chords and TAB as well as improvisation and tone. We will create a list of songs or pieces which will be based on the preference of the student and develop their repertoire. 


Samuel has been lucky enough to play on some of the biggest stages in the UK and abroad. In 2017 he started collaborating in “Sounding Out” with ‘Creative Futures’ as music educator for a research about music and deafness in childhood, divided between the London College University and the Institute of Education LCU. He also carries out sessions in the field of therapy with people with Senile Dementia, Parkinsons and Alzheimers. His teaching approach is fun, engaging and creative: singing, composition and improvisation are the base of his sessions, alongside with the more technical elements of playing a guitar/ukulele.

MONICA COGNOLI Singer and music educator, Monica graduated in music education from the Music Conservatoire of Frosinone and in Early Years Music Education from the Birmingham City University. She studied different music education approaches and methods. She is specialised in art-integrated approach, creating and leading music sessions to foster children musical and general development and creativity. For years she collaborated with educational institutes in Italy. She is a researcher and started the collaboration with Creative Futures and the University College London in 2017. For Highbury Park Music she teaches early years music and ukulele for small groups of children.

A song composed by Mae and Sam during her ukulele’s classes (5 years old).